Moving Services for Seniors

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Moving services for seniors can be extremely beneficial in ensuring that everything related to your relocation goes smoothly. Whether you are a senior citizen looking to downsize or you have an elderly family member who needs assistance with a move, we are here every step of the way.  Here at Advise & Protect we can assign you a senior care consultant to guide you and plan your entire move. 

We don’t just call up a local moving company to have them move your things.  Our consultants actually work directly with you to make the relocation as easy as possible.  This means working hard to make arrangements for donating unwanted belongings or having an estate sale to make some extra money while downsizing.  We can also coordinate home repairs if needed to ensure your home sells for top dollar.  And speaking of selling your home, we have a network of experienced real estate professionals who can assist you if you are going to sell your home. 

Companies Focused on Serving Seniors

Our team of senior care consultants have spent countless hours evaluating all different service providers throughout NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.  We know that even many great companies in the area don’t have the focus on helping senior citizens that is needed to get our recommendation.  If you are looking for moving services for seniors, for example, we will arrange to have the best moving company in your area that knows about the specific needs of seniors. 

This often includes assisting with packing your items, organizing the move and even handling all the transportation that is involved.  Whether you’re moving into an assisted living community, downsizing in the New York area or even moving to a warmer climate, the moving companies we recommend will be there to provide everything you need.  They have proven experience and have earned the trust of us and our customers so you can be confident that your moving services will go smoothly. 

Your Senior Care Consultant

The best part of our service is that you are assigned a dedicated senior care consultant who will be there to help you with everything you need.  We can make the phone calls to set up everything related to your move.  We’ll even be with you while going through your things to ensure everything you want is kept and other items go to the places where you want them.  Our goal is to make the entire process much easier for senior citizens. 

Contact Us Today

No matter what type of assistance you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our senior citizen care consultants.  We can arrange moving services for senior citizens or any other great services you need.  We have a passion for serving and protecting seniors in New York and would be honored if you gave us the opportunity to assist you with anything you need.


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