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Senior moving managers are a great way to ensure any relocation goes smoothly.  Whether you’re moving to a warmer part of the country, to a smaller home or to an assisted living community, we are happy to serve.  Our moving managers have helped many people throughout New York to plan out every aspect of the move to ensure everything is completed properly and without any problems.  

Our senior moving managers don’t just recommend a good senior moving company though.  We are actually there with you throughout the process to assist with anything that is needed.  

When you contact us to coordinate a move you will be assigned a dedicated senior moving manager who will be able to recommend the right moving company based on your requirements.  That, however, is just the beginning. 

Start to Finish Senior Moving

Your senior moving manager can help you when packing up your things.  We know how to get everything boxed up and ready to go while keeping all your belongings safe.  Most senior citizens will also want to get rid of some of the things they have collected over the years.

When that is the case we can hold a garage sale, for example, to make some money while downsizing.  If that is not something you want to do we can also sort things out and find items that can be donated to charity or even arrange to have a trash removal company come out and take care of things.

Throughout the process your senior moving manager will be there to not only make sure everything is getting done, but also to make sure it gets done according to your wishes.  We work closely with senior citizens and their families to ensure everything is completed properly before, during and after the move. 

More than Just Moving Assistance

Our expert senior moving managers can do more than just arrange to have you moved.  We also work with a network of some of the highest quality professionals in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.  We always make sure the companies we work with are dedicated to providing senior citizens with the best possible experience.  

If your home needs a repair before you move, for example, we know many home repair professionals who can assist.  If you need to take care of some legal matters, our network of elder law attorneys is here to serve.  We can also recommend the best real estate agents, real estate management companies and much more based on your specific needs.  Whatever it is you need, we can benefit you every step of the way.  

Most Services are Free of Charge

If you’re worried about the costs of hiring a senior moving manager, don’t worry.  Most of the services we provide are actually free of cost to senior citizens.  This is because the companies we recommend pay us for the referrals.  While this is how we make our money, we don’t let the money amount bias us to choose one company over another.  We always put our clients first to ensure they get the best possible experience whether it is related to moving or anything else.


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