Low Income Housing for Seniors – Brooklyn, NY



by: Tehila Mörtl 

Recently some of our readers reached out in efforts to find low income housing for seniors and grants for senior living.  In response, I would like to take the opportunity to offer information on various cities, starting today with Brooklyn, NY.  Following are some of the links I found which should be of use to those looking for affordable senior housing in the Brooklyn area:

“Find low income apartments in Brooklyn, New York along with non profit organizations that help with low income housing needs.” 


“It can be said that finding a place to live in NYC can be very stressful. This page serves as a lead on affordable housing from our community partners. If you'd like to be alerted when we have affordable housing available, fill out the form on our contact page.”


“Below is a list of HDC-financed developments that are currently accepting applications for available apartments. Click here to download a map of open lotteries


HDC finances rental properties reserved for households that meet certain income restrictions, commonly referred to as either low-income or middle-income. Each posting specifies how many of each type of apartment is available. To see rental opportunities for low-income applicants, please click here. For middle-income rentals, please click here. To apply, please follow the instructions on the application information or advertisement posted for each development. All apartments are awarded through a lottery; your eligibility is determined by income. There is no application fee, facilitator, outside expediter, or broker involved in this process. Filling out the application for the specific project that is advertising available units is the ONLY way to apply for one of the apartments.” 


Golden Gates Low Income Apartments


“Welcome, prospective applicants. HPD offers a wide variety of programs that create newly constructed or renovated affordable rental housing throughout the five boroughs. HPD and its partners use city subsidies and other financing tools to make these apartments affordable to low-, moderate-, and middle-income individuals and families.”


“A healthy community includes a diverse range of housing options suited to the needs of local residents: whether seniors, growing families, or those with limited incomes. Restoration is committed to the twin objectives of preserving affordable rental housing while creating a pipeline of affordable homeownership opportunities for low income residents in Central Brooklyn.”


Other links: 


Lastly, should you come across other helpful links, please be so kind as to share those here so that others may benefit as well.


Thank you kindly