Seniors at home, did you know that recycling isn’t just for bottles, cardboard and cans?

by: Tehila Mörtl


Having written a number of articles for our senior moving Blog, thoughts of my own ongoing downsizing project has been, I’ll admit, weighing heavily on my mind.  In our area, auctions are popular be they for an entire farm or household and personal goods.  There are times though that we might have but a few things which are still in good working condition and usable to get rid of but perhaps not enough for a garage sale and, for whatever reason, be it lack of time, ability or simply desire that a resale shop or donation organization doesn’t quite fit.  In these times, one might prefer instead to turn to recycling online for seniors help.  Whether it be through an independent, worldwide site such a Freecycle or one of the many groups on Facebook, there are actually numerous opportunities to rid oneself of unwanted but usable items with little time or effort.

Not only have I recycled a number of items (i.e. bed, cookware, linens, games, toys, pet supplies) through Freecycle, I’ve also found opportunities to get supplies for various hobbies and crafts.  Be you male or female, most of us have more than one hobby which, quite frankly, can get expensive.  Some of the things I enjoy doing are painting, quilting and reading; however, as mentioned, hobbies can be costly when it comes to purchasing supplies.  In our goal to provide seniors help, the point of this article is to introduce others to one way to supplement materials is to post his or her specific want(s) on a site like Freecycle.  As mentioned, availability is not only throughout our country but across the world.

Whether one is going through a Facebook group or a link such as Freecycle, there are important issues one must consider and safety steps to take for seniors help.  First, I have found it helpful to have a separate e-mail account to use in relation to such activities to avoid unwanted communications to my personal e-mail address through which I correspond with friends and family.  Second, a senior at home need not share their primary or cell number but can restrict communications through their e-mail account.  Another big safety precaution is to not invite strangers into one’s home.  If you have something that you would like to get rid of but prefer to restrict access to your home, have the item(s) moved into the garage or carport for a designated date and time of pick up.  One also has the choice of being the one to pick up or deliver.  Many individuals offering items prefer to not share their home address and will instead arrange to meet at a public location such as a store parking lot.  Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, remember, you have every right to exercise your options.

Thank you readers and should you have questions, need additional assistance or have information regarding recycling for seniors that would assist other seniors at home which you would like to share with other readers, please feel welcome and encouraged to contact us directly.