Services offered through Senior Move Management

by: Tehila Mörtl


Thank you for joining me as we continue in our series on senior moving.  In this installment, I would like to delve into what the services of Senior Move Management entails...  

Included in this article is such information as:

·         Senior Move Management definition

·         Who utilizes this type of service?

·         How contracting the service of Senior Move Manager can be of help

·         Why such services are needed now more than in the past

·         Range of cost

·         Prefer to do most of the hands-on work yourself but would like to leave the rest to a professional?

·         Senior Move Management vs. a professional moving company

·         What questions should one ask about such a service


What exactly is Senior Move Management?

In Senior Move Management, professionals help seniors and their families with both the emotional and physical facets of relocation or aging in place.  Senior Move Management professionals have backgrounds and experience in gerontology, social work, health care, nursing and psychology, others come to this industry from the corporate world of project management, technology, accounting or marketing.

Although specific services vary, Senior Move Managers can help with some or all of the following:

  • Developing an overall move or age in place plan
  • Organizing, sorting and downsizing
  • Customizing floor plan so that your elder can see how their new home will be laid out and where furniture, etc. will be moved to
  • Arranging for auction, estate sale, consignment, donation, or a mixture of the above
  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers
  • Arranging any necessary shipment and storage
  • Supervise and oversee trained packers
  • Unpacking and setting up new home
  • Arrange for cleaning home from which your senior is moving, waste removal
  • Shopping services
  • Procuring services of a realtor and assist in preparation of home sale

While some Senior Move Managers provide services directly; others act as an overseer or in a management role. Senior Move Managers not only have extensive knowledge about excellence and availability of various local community resources plus expenses involved.  In addition, they often aid individuals who choose to stay in their in their own homes, but simply require expert organizational skills and solid knowledge of aging in place to help elders achieve their goal of enhancing their quality of life.

Who hires Senior Move Managers?

Senior Move Managers are contacted by various sources:

  • Seniors
  • Elder’s family members
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Social service providers and social workers
  • Senior living communities
  • Physicians and associated health providers
  • Realtors
  • Bank and trust officers
  • Attorneys


How can my elder benefit from services provided by Senior Move Management?

  • Senior Move Managers have experience with resources and knowledge on how to save money, reduce stress and provide professional results.
  • Services focused on the client are personalized to meet his or her specific need.
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has a well-established Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for all members.
  • NASMM members are required to meet experience and insurance conditions prior to being accepted.


Why is Senior Move Management needed now more than previously?

  • Between the baby boom and progress in medical sciences the U.S. population aged 65 and over will continue to increase by nearly 80 percent from 2010 to 2030 resulting in seniors accounting for one-fifth of the U.S. population.
  • With American families being more spread out geographically and adult children are frequently not available to assist with moving due to family obligations, their own career or because of physical distance.
  • In many cases, an elder does not have adult children or given their age, their adult child is a senior as well.  Further it is not uncommon for a senior who is relocating has not moved in 25 to 50 years.  With all the physical and organization requirements required by such a move, the accumulation of necessary tasks can be overwhelming.


What is the costs are involved in Senior Move Management services?

  • Costs and fees vary widely depending on geographic location, services required, etc.
  • While some Senior Move Managers charge an hourly basis, others offer various package deals.
  • Each NASMM member you contact will review with you or your elder specific needs and provide a written estimate.


In an effort to save, can I do most of the work and contract a Senior Move Manager only for specific tasks?  

As with other service providers, Senior Move Managers offer a list of options from which one can choose.  The final goal being to alleviate rather than add to stress of those involved.

How does a Senior Move Manager differ from a moving company?

  • Such professionals offer many services unlike moving companies.  These include such amenities as discussed before to support and encouragement.
  • Procuring such services can help vastly in minimizing all the stress with moving by addressing each aspect of the move process.
  • In some but not all cases move manages are movers.  Those who are not, work directly with one’s moving company to ensure all aspects are professionally handled.
  • While Senior Move Management professionals can oversee and manage all aspects of one’s move the elder and their care giver or adult child are the ones to make all primary decisions.


Whether you are ready to move as quickly as possible or you are just starting to think about this as an option, we encourage you to give us a call  at 646-820-9202 and speak with one of our senior care consultants. They will be able to assist you with making all the necessary arrangements and answer any questions you might have to begin the process.  Most of the services we provide for our elderly clients and their families are completely free since we work on referral basis with firms we trust. If you are in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx please get in touch with us to learn how we can help you today.

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