Senior Moving - Selling off Unwanted Property in an Estate sale

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When a parent moves into a senior care nursing facility or passes away, it can often leave surviving children wondering what to do with all of the personal effects their parent amassed over the years. Most people don’t even think about this kind of thing until they find themselves responsible for dealing with the property, whether they’re ready to take on the task or not.

Since money is often a concern for adult children who are dealing with a parent in a nursing home, or the estate of a parent who has passed away, selling off unwanted property in an estate sale can be an excellent way to generate much needed cash. While it may not be easy to think about selling off the property of a parent, this is something that every family has dealt with, one way or another, for as long as children have been outliving their parents. Fortunately for children in our modern world, there are now services that promise to help with every step of the estate sale process, from initial cataloging and sorting all the way through to the final sale.

As anyone who has ever had to organize an estate sale on their own can tell you, there are several benefits to working with a professional senior estate sale service. For starters, it can save you massive amounts of time. Remember that dealing with a senior parent’s estate is more than just packing up and shipping out. If you plan on raising cash to pay debts or commitments of the estate, you’ll need to spend the time to catalog and price the property for sale, advertise the sale to draw as big a crowd as possible, negotiate with potential buyers, and figure out solutions for any property that can’t be sold.

Plus, senior estate sale service providers often have an expertise in buying and selling that allows them to negotiate top dollar for the property being sold. Trying to sell something you don’t know anything about may result in much smaller profits than allowing a professional to properly research and price valuable property.

In your search for a reputable senior estate sale service, start with a trusted name like Advise and Protect. We’ve developed deep rooted professional working relationships with respected providers throughout the senior care and senior service industries and we have the resources available to match you with a senior estate sale service that you can depend on.


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