When Should I Contact A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

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We have discussed different forms of elder abuse, covering such capacities as prevalence, ideas on who to contact, etc.  Given the severity and how wide spread this issue is in nursing homes, we at Advise & Protect Senior Care Consultants feel it is of the utmost importance to discuss abuse and neglect taking place in care facilities and the need for a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney.  As mentioned before, my own background includes working with trauma and abuse survivors so, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects such maltreatment can have on an individual.  Thus, my profound admiration and respect for attorneys who specialize in defending victims and taking measures against those guilty of abuse and neglect.  Sadly, these instances are much more prevalent than one would care to believe.

Among the common causes of abuse and neglect seen in care facilities are:

  • Lack of or inadequate background checks
  • Unqualified staff
  • Understaffing
  • Failure to maintain medical equipment
  • Unsanitary conditions and inadequate cleaning 

Though often difficult to detect, following are some of the warning signs of elder abuse and neglect:

  •  Uncharacteristic paleness
  • Wounds, bedsores, ulcers, burns, welts, bite marks, broken bones
  • Wounds and other abrasions, etc. left untreated
  • Bruises from restraints
  • Over medication
  • Lack of personal hygiene or other neglected health issues
  • Sudden, unexplained weight loss, malnutrition and dehydration
  • Care provider who does not allow you alone time with your elder
  • Emotional distress
  • Isolation
  • Signs of sexual abuse (i.e. bruising or abrasions in breast or groin areas, sexually transmitted disease)
  • Bug infestations (i.e. lice, fleas) in resident’s living quarters
  • Missing money or other belongings
  • Unauthorized access to financial accounts
  • Clothing which is torn, stained, etc.
  • Damage to personal property 

Compounding the devastation of abuse and neglect is the fact that such actions often lead to the resident’s death.  So this obviously is a topic that should never be taken lightly and situations about which we all need to be aware of.  Given that elders are often unable to speak for themselves, we as a society must remain alert to and report any and all instances of abuse and neglect to the proper authorities.  Once that step has been taken, when should one consider hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?  This is something that should be done right away to ensure the perpetrator(s) is held responsible.  Out of respect for the elders in our society, we at Advise & Protect remain eager to assist those who have been subjected to abuse or neglect by providing referrals to experienced, qualified and compassionate attorneys who specifically address nursing home abuse and neglect.  For help today, please call us at 646-820-9202 and speak with one of our Senior Care Consultants.  They will be able to assist you with reporting to the appropriate authorities and securing the services of a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Should you have an experience in with nursing home abuse and/or neglect that will be educational and of assistance to our other readers and would like to share, please contact us directly.


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