Does An Elder Lawyer Specialize in All Areas of the Law?

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Throughout our elder law series, we have discussed a numerous areas in which an Elder Lawyer specializes so no, not every lawyer is able to specialize in every aspect of law.  With the aging of baby boomers there has been a vast expansion in elder law and  we have seen a growing need for attorneys specializing in the many different fields; enough so that no one lawyer will be proficient in all areas of elder law.  Thus the need for guidance in securing services of an attorney with the right kind of experience. 

Should you be in need of an Elder Lawyer, Advise & Protect Senior Care Consultants we will be happy to evaluate and define the specific area(s) of law in which you need assistance to ensure the best referral(s) to fit all your needs.  When you call, some of the topics we will discuss with you include: 

  • Physical and mental health laws
  • Social Security and disability rights and entitlements
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare claims and appeals
  • Supplemental and long term health insurance
  • Disability planning
  • Long-term care placement
  • Patient’s rights in a nursing care facility
  • Retirement and pension benefits
  • Durable powers of attorney, living trusts, “living wills,” etc. to assign a trusted representative in the event of disability be it medical or psychological
  • Conservatorships and guardianships
  • Estate planning including wills, trusts and other planning documents
  • Probate procedures
  • Surviving spouse benefits
  • Administration and management of trusts and assignation of trustees
  • Elder abuse (i.e. emotional, psychological, physical, medical, financial)
  • Real estate 

Should you have the need for an Elder Lawyer in any area of the law, please know that Advise & Protect Senior Care Consultants pride ourselves in partnering with the most qualified, experienced and compassionate lawyers and service providers.  We offer many services FREE of charge so, if you have any questions, give us a call at 646-820-9202 and speak with one of our Senior Care Consultants. They will be able to answer any questions you might have to begin the process of providing whatever assistance you might need. 


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