Moving for Seniors in NY

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Whether relocating to warmer weather, to be closer to loved ones or to join an assisted living community, moving for seniors can be extremely difficult both physically and emotionally. Having an advocate on your side to help ensure everything is completed properly is extremely important.  Here at  Advise and Protect we will assigned a dedicated specialist to work with you on every aspect of your move.  This includes selecting the right moving professionals who specialize in moving seniors as well as having everything packed, cleaned and taken care of.  

Choosing Your Moving Company

Whenever senior citizens are moving it is important to have the right moving team there to handle all the heavy lifting.  Not all moving companies are fit to move seniors, however, so selecting the right one is critical.  Advise and Protect has taken the time to evaluate the area’s leading moving companies to see which ones can meet the important needs of senior citizens.  This allows us to recommend the perfect company to handle with your move so you can have confidence that everything will go smoothly. 

Packing, Sorting & Garbage Removal

In addition to finding you the right team of movers, we will also be there to help you with all that tasks that must take place before moving day.  Our kind consultants can meet with you to go through all your belongings and see what you want to keep and what you are ready to get rid of.  We can handle all the packing to ensure everything is stored away and properly organized for the move.  Anything that you decide you no longer need will be sorted to be sold, donated to charities or properly disposed of.  Of course, you will always be given the final say on what happens to all of your belongings. 

Our moving consultants know that moving for seniors can be difficult, and we are more than happy to take as much time as you need to ensure everything is done right.  If you are unable to get through all your things, we can take pictures of each item so you can relax and make decisions at your leisure.  Our only goal is to make your entire relocation as easy and stress free as possible.  

Related Services for Seniors

In addition to working with you on all these tasks directly associated with moving, we can also provide you with recommendations to grate companies that specialize in providing services to seniors.  We work with trusted real estate management firms, estate liquidation companies and real estate sales professionals who will be happy to assist you with anything you need.  

How can We Benefit You Today?

Whether you have moving date scheduled already or you are just starting to think about relocating, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our senior citizen moving specialists.  Your Advise and Protect consultant will take the time to work with you and make all the arrangements on your behalf.  In many cases our services are 100% free of charge because we are compensated by the companies to which we refer business so please let us know how we can help you today.


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