Who should I contact if I’ve had a bad experience with a Senior Moving Service in NY?

by: Tehila Mörtl


Bad Experience With Senior Moving

As we continue in the discussion regarding moving an elder, in this installment I would like to address what to do when a move goes awry.  For those who have been following my Blogs, you might recall my having shared the story of the nightmare move which we endured while my spouse was critically ill and we needed to use senior moving services to relocate. Due to circumstances at the time, we admittedly did not proceed with our normal due diligence; thus, resulting in a loss of not only priceless treasures such as photographs of times shared and other personal memorabilia but a vast number of legal documents and a loss in goods totaling in the range of $200,000 overall.

As we discussed previously one does have specific rights and responsibilities when hiring a senior moving service.  Unfortunately, despite putting in the time and effort to secure the services of a professional moving company, there is the occasion when a move simply goes wrong.  In the event that your elder has been so unfortunate as to have had a bad occurrence be it with damaged goods, safety, service or discrimination issues, once one has attempted to come to an agreement with the moving company, he or she does have options as to further steps to take.  These include filing a complaint with their state’s movers association and the Better Business Bureau.  To secure contact information on their state’s movers association, simply Google “State Movers Association [and type in name of state]”. 

In the event that the above measures do not bring resolution, one might likely want to consider taking legal action.

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