What is a Senior Move Specialist?

As we continue in our series on elder moving, one might be asking what a Senior Move Specialist does.  In this brief installation on senior moving, that is exactly what I would like to address and clarify.  This type of specialist is one you hire to assist with an elder’s move.  A Senior Move Specialist should be experienced not only in moving but project management and have a full understanding of emotional challenges an elder faces as he or she confronts leaving a home they have enjoyed for many years and how affecting downsizing can be later in life.  While some might only need assistance with sorting out keep vs. donation items and packing; others, on the other hand, might require more support which could entail cleaning, home care and repairs, organizing anything from personal and legal documents to the entire home, obtaining a floor plan of one’s future home along with measurements, unpacking, securing grocery delivery, establishing what social activities are available and making appropriate arrangements, locating medical care providers and arranging for medical equipment, etc.

Whether you are ready to move as quickly as possible or you are just starting to think about this as an option, we encourage you to give us a call  at 646-820-9202 and speak with one of our senior move specialists. They will be able to assist you with making all the necessary arrangements and answer any questions you might have to begin the process.  Most of the services we provide for our elderly clients and their families are completely free since we work on referral basis with firms we trust. If you are in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx please get in touch with us to learn how we can help you today.




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