Senior Real Estate Sales: Preparing a Senior’s Home to Sell

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by:  Dav Mordehi


Once children are grown and on their own, seniors find themselves living in a home that is larger than they need; thereby, more expensive than necessary be it due to upkeep or utility bills.  In truth, one’s home is typically the greatest investment made in their lives.  So, whether preparing for a move into a senior community, living facility or otherwise, there is much one can do to ensure their home sells for the most profit.   

Tips for preparing a senior’s home for sale:

  • Eliminate the clutter! It’s important to keep in mind that showing your home in its best light will drive a sale. Need help? A qualified, experienced Senior Move Manager can help distinguish how much is too much and assist in preparing for senior downsizing and moving services.

  • Re-arrange furniture and eliminate items which are not necessary to the décor leaving walkways free of clutter and allowing for a more spacious feel.

  • Be it knick-knacks or furnishings, what does not enhance the appearance can always go into storage.

  • Thoroughly clean appliances, make repairs where necessary and, if possible, replace those which are outdated.

  • Check the air conditioner, heater, ceiling fans, hot water heater, electrical plugs, other electrics, etc. to ensure everything is in working order and make repairs as necessary.

  • Replace filters in the air conditioner.

  • Clean blinds, window dressings, windows, vents, light fixtures, ceiling fans, stove top vent, etc.

  • Replace burned out light bulbs both inside and out.

  • Consider replacing heavy drapes with shears to allow for more light.

  • Replace damaged flooring (i.e. linoleum, tiles, carpet).

  • Repair or replace plumbing issues (i.e. faucets, drains, knobs) that do not function or are broken. Don’t forget to fix those drips!

  • Steam cleaning carpets, rugs and furniture will not only enhance the beauty but will leave your home with a fresh, wonderful fragrance. Don’t forget to launder throw rugs.

  • Replace broken stairs and railings both indoors and out.

  • Freshen up those walls with a fresh coat of paint and update wallpaper.

  • Clear the yard of excess decorations and outdoor furniture. You might consider leaving a picnic table and a couple of chairs and store the excess which will allow the yard to look larger and more open.

  • Make a good first impression with curb appeal. Consider putting out fresh, easy to care for plants.

  • Spruce up the exterior. Prune bushes as needed, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, power wash siding, paint trim, replace loose shingles, clean out and replace broken gutters, down spouts, etc.

  • Invest in new welcome mats for the front and back doors.

  • Be aware that correct staging can increase final sale price of an elder’s home by eight to ten percent.

  • When your home is ready to sell, hire an agent who is well experienced in selling senior owned homes such as a Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) who utilizes high tech tools such as social media and virtual tours for home sales.

  • Both specialists can assist with home staging and identifying needed repairs and updates plus, help elders in understanding what todays buyers are looking for.

  • Reseal deck and/or patio if needed and replace any broken boards.

  • When an elder home seller is unable to replace or make repairs, the seller can offer an allowance to the buyer for necessary renovations.

Hiring the right agent who is experienced in senior home sales is vital to obtaining the best profit when selling one’s home.  Senior Real Estate Specialists and Senior Move Managers can assist in offering advice on needed repairs, updates and the best ways in which to stage your home for today’s buyers.

It is important to make all immediate repairs for before you put your home for sale because the potential buyer will know of all present and all near future repairs and replacement. Based on these future repairs, the buyer will negotiate the price down. From financial point of view, the repairs the you make yourself will cost you on average 30 percent less than for the buyer. Simple appeal of your home automatically set the tone for potential buyer.

For example, in New York and many other states, the owners of the property is responsible for all of sidewalk repairs adjacent to their property. If the sidewalk is damage, then it becomes a potential risk for the public. The city will issue nyc sidewalk violation to the owner and the owner need to repair it in 75 days in order to dismiss the violations.

The nyc sidewalk repair company can either repair or replace any walkway or driveway much cheaper for your than if you let the buyer negotiate this repair into selling price of your home. Simple improvements such as landscaping, fixing broken windows, or garage doors recommended before listing your home. These repairs will save you more money.

If you are in need of assistance with senior moving, downsizing, senior care, money management, senior law, estate management, medical equipment, home care, elder real estate sales or management, planning after life services, etc. please do not hesitate to call Advise & Protect Senior Care Consultants at 646-820-9202 so that we may aid in meeting your needs.


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